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September 2013 Ensign Review – A Christian Mask, by Stephen Livings

When perusing the titles of this month’s Ensign, I was struck by how many articles appear to deal with themes that are often explored by critics of Mormonism.  Here are some titles to illustrate this: The Justice and Mercy of God, Christlike Mercy, His Grace is Sufficient and What does Jesus mean to us today? … Read More ›


Mormon Authority Quote of the Week, Exalting Man!

Joseph Fielding Smith “We should fully and sincerely comprehend the fact that no requirement, request, or commandment made of man by the Father or the Son is given except for the purpose of advancing man on the path of eternal perfection.” (Doctrines of Salvation p.155)

God Himself was once as we are now

One of the most controversial and often unknown beliefs of the Mormon church is the teaching that God the Father was once a man. They believe He still rules over this world however He does it from a position which He earned in His mortal existence. This is a belief which often the Mormon Missionaries… Read More ›


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