Weak Arguments #10: “The entire Book of Mormon was discredited just as soon as it said that Christ was born in Jerusalem.”

February 14, 2015 • Weak Arguments Against Mormonism

An ongoing series of articles on some common and recurring weak arguments that Christians make against Mormonism. by Fred W. Anson The Argument: “The entire Book of Mormon was discredited just as soon as it said that Christ was born in Jerusalem.” Why It’s Weak: This argument is a molehill not a mountain. This is… Read More ›

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Joseph Fielding Smith manual – Chapter 10: Our Search for Truth reviewed by Stephen Livings


Having been given free rein to pick a chapter from this year’s LDS adult Sunday School manual to review, I decided to see what would be being taught near the time my post was due to go online. I discovered that it was chapter 10, entitled: ‘Our Search for Truth’. The title seems entirely appropriate,… Read More ›

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Is The Mormon Gospel the Biblical Gospel? Lynn Wilder vs Michael Flournoy – Unbelievable?

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  Well Lynn and Michael Wilder have gone home now after a great speaking tour in the UK. You can catch one of the sessions they did on our podcast here.  They did sessions in Kent, Wimbledon, Bradford and York. I believe in total around 250 people attended all of the sessions. However while they were… Read More ›

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The Miracle of Forgiveness – Chapter 6 Review: Crime Against Nature by Gary Carter


  As we move through our explanation of The Miracle of Forgiveness, we have and will do explore language and ideas that one finds difficult, uncomfortable or unpalatable. This chapter builds on chapter five’s theme of ‘sexual sin’ by exploring masturbation and homosexuality. It would be fair to say that whatever your perspective or belief… Read More ›

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New Dialogue with a Mormon Apologist

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  This is the first in a new series of posts I will be doing having discussion with a new online friend of mine Michael Flournoy. He is an LDS Apologist With a good understanding for Protestant theology. In this first post we both have an opening and closing section talking about the need to… Read More ›

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March 2014 Ensign Review by Vicky Gilpin

(45) Ensign-March-2014

For this months Ensign review i’ve decided to pick up on the article entitled Service and eternal life by President Henry B. Eyring, First councillor in the first presidency. The first paragraph of his article has already given me a point of discussion, “The Savior is our example of unselfish service. His perfect life was… Read More ›

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Lorenzo Snow Manual Chapter 24, Reflections on the Mission of Jesus Christ

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Well, here we are at the last chapter, this has been very interesting going right through this manual and has raised some great issues and discussions. Next year we will not be going right through the Joseph Fielding Smith manual, but rather just going through a few that stand out. This last chapter brings nothing… Read More ›

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General Conference October 2014. Sunday Afternoon Session, by Jim Gourlay

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  Russell Ballard – Stay in the Boat and Hold On! Mr Ballard’s message was, ‘Don’t leave the boat or you’ll drown.’ Of course, he left us in no doubt what the ‘boat’ was: the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. What he meant by ‘drown’ he left us to imagine.   Last week… Read More ›

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Feelings, Feelings, Feelings!


Above is a video recently put out by the Mormon Church,  with a number of good looking individuals with nice music in the background talking about how through their feelings inside them, the Holy Ghost regularly reassures them that everything is ok, and that the gospel, meaning the Mormon Church is true. This idea finds… Read More ›

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Towards a More Fully Representative History of the British Mormon Experience [3], by Chris Ralph


PART THREE: A Disrespectful Racket. For most early British converts the painful discovery that they had not been fully informed concerning the true nature of what Fanny Stenhouse called “practical Mormonism”, did not take place until they arrived in America, by which time there was little realistic opportunity of turning back. However, some British members… Read More ›


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