Recommended Books About Mormonism

July 1, 2016 • Recommended Resources

Every now and then I get asked what books I would recommend about Mormonism, here are what I would consider to be some of the most helpful books on getting to grips with Mormonism, the books here are from various perspectives. I will give a bit of an explanation why for each of them too…. Read More ›

Bill Mckeever UK Visit »

Bill McKeever’s 2015 Visit to the UK

(1) DSC07227

We had a really great time having Bill McKeever of Mormonism Research Ministry over to the UK last month. During this time Bill spoke at our conference days in London and Bradford, and also at events in Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Bill also recorded an episode of Unbelievable? having dialogue with a Mormon Bishop on the issue… Read More ›

UK Partnerships for Christ »

Happy New Year! Ministry Update

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  Hello all, Happy New Year! I don’t know about everyone else but it’s been a good break for me over the December period, and it feels good to have a fresh start with things for 2016.   This website you may have noticed has been a little quiet last year. As a ministry we… Read More ›

Jesus Christ »

CTR Jesus – By Lucy Marskell


This is well worth a watch. Lucy in this excellent video goes through many of the key theological issues that come up in dialogue with Mormons. Please share this around, also here is the full transcript. CTR JESUS: A Poem Call me an investigator Not a hater Someone just speaking the truth So if you’re… Read More ›

Salvation »

General Conference – April 2016 – Saturday Afternoon Review by Tony Brown

(3) c51f2-josephsmithjr

Having listened to the message by Elder Mervyn B. Arnold (of the Seventy) given at the General Conference, I felt compelled to action. His message entitled ‘To the Rescue: We Can Do It’, was a clarion call to reach the lost sheep. Quoting Matthew 18:11 and 14: “The Son of man is come to save… Read More ›

Radio/Podcast Interviews »

Is The Mormon Gospel the Biblical Gospel? Lynn Wilder vs Michael Flournoy – Unbelievable?

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  Well Lynn and Michael Wilder have gone home now after a great speaking tour in the UK. You can catch one of the sessions they did on our podcast here.  They did sessions in Kent, Wimbledon, Bradford and York. I believe in total around 250 people attended all of the sessions. However while they were… Read More ›

Ex Mormon Stories »

BYU Professor leaves Mormonism for Jesus.

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Recently there has been a really excellent book release called Unveiling Grace by Lynn Wilder. Lynn was an LDS member and during some of that time a BYU professor. In many years of reading many books of this kind this is easily one of the best. There is an excellent insight into Utah Mormon life,… Read More ›

General Conference Reviews »

General Conference, April 2016 – Sunday Afternoon Session by Mike Thomas

(0) Paul V Johnson Seventy

And There Shall Be No More Death The stand out talk in this session of the Mormon General Conference was delivered by Paul V Johnson of the Seventy, a man being strong in the face of great adversity. Surely, everyone would have been moved as he spoke passionately about the resurrection in the context of… Read More ›

Weak Arguments Against Mormonism »

Weak Arguments #15: “How to Make Weak Arguments for Mormonism – A Primer” – By Fred W. Anson


An article on some common and recurring weak argument and debating tactics that Latter-day Saints use in their defense of Mormonism that result in weak arguments. by Fred W. Anson “”The non-LDS world has a history of perpetuating criticism, caricature, othering, antagonism and shaming of Mormons. This leads to a reaction on the part of… Read More ›

Grace »

General Conference April 2015 – Sunday Morning Talk on Grace Review – by Bobby Gilpin


It’s that time of the year again. Our reviews of each session of General Conference are scheduled to start going live from this Friday. However there has been a lot of interest and excitement that has arisen on the back of a talk given on Sunday Morning by Dieter. F. Uchtdorf, second councillor to the… Read More ›

Book of Mormon »

Book of Mormon Evidence by Mike Thomas

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From time to time Mormons come up with what they regard as ‘substantive’ evidence for the Book of Mormon. When ministries inevitably challenge and refute that evidence, Mormons insist that someone can only know the Book of Mormon is true by sincere prayer, citing Moroni’s promise from the end of the book: ‘And when ye… Read More ›

Ensign Magazine »

March 2014 Ensign Review by Vicky Gilpin

(45) Ensign-March-2014

For this months Ensign review i’ve decided to pick up on the article entitled Service and eternal life by President Henry B. Eyring, First councillor in the first presidency. The first paragraph of his article has already given me a point of discussion, “The Savior is our example of unselfish service. His perfect life was… Read More ›

Joseph Smith »

Is Joseph Smith Worthy Of Worship?

(9) praise-to-the-man

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith? That’s a question that has been asked of many a Mormon, and in many cases the Mormon will kind of groan inside, and very honestly say “No we absolutely do not”! They will then explain that they worship only God and they will then likely emphasise the significance of Christ… Read More ›

Gods glory »

God Is Most Glorified In Us When We Are Most Satisfied In Him.


  I believe that God is the most glorious being that exists. That He by nature exists, and always has, and is acts according to His own good pleasure in all that He does. God’s primary goal is His own glory. All that He does, all that He allows to happen is permeated with this… Read More ›

Mormon Missionaries »

What The Mormon Missionaries Don’t Tell You


  This is a funny and light hearted look at what might happen if Mormons ditched the notion of “Milk Before Meat” in their discussions, worth a watch. Has anyone ever had a discussion like this with a missionary?

Mormon Testimony »

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings!


Above is a video recently put out by the Mormon Church,  with a number of good looking individuals with nice music in the background talking about how through their feelings inside them, the Holy Ghost regularly reassures them that everything is ok, and that the gospel, meaning the Mormon Church is true. This idea finds… Read More ›


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