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Weak Arguments #2: “None of the eleven Book of Mormon witnesses ever signed their testimonies.” By Fred. W. Anson

An ongoing series of articles on some common and recurring weak arguments that Christians make against Mormonism. by Fred W. Anson The Argument: “None of the eleven Book of Mormon witnesses ever signed their testimonies.” Why It’s Weak: Based on the body of available evidence we don’t really know if the eleven Book of Mormon witnesses ever signed… Read More ›

Weak Arguments from Christians Number 1: Does The End of Revelation Close the Door on Mormonism? by Fred W. Anson

While it goes without saying that this blog and others like it seek to show the Biblical problems of the Mormon faith, and thus present the true gospel, it is also true to say that some of the arguments used for this purpose are not great. I have been there many times whether on facebook… Read More ›

Exploring Mormon Thought

Bobby recently drew to my attention a book he reviewed on Goodreads, entitled Exploring Mormon Thought by Mormon philosopher Blake Ostler. The history of Mormon publishing and commentary is both interesting and revealing and I think worth a closer look. Mormon publishing began, of course, with the Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith said that it,… Read More ›


Is The Mormon Gospel the Biblical Gospel? Lynn Wilder vs Michael Flournoy – Unbelievable?

  Well Lynn and Michael Wilder have gone home now after a great speaking tour in the UK. You can catch one of the sessions they did on our podcast here.  They did sessions in Kent, Wimbledon, Bradford and York. I believe in total around 250 people attended all of the sessions. However while they were… Read More ›

Joseph Fielding Smith manual – Chapter 10: Our Search for Truth reviewed by Stephen Livings

Having been given free rein to pick a chapter from this year’s LDS adult Sunday School manual to review, I decided to see what would be being taught near the time my post was due to go online. I discovered that it was chapter 10, entitled: ‘Our Search for Truth’. The title seems entirely appropriate,… Read More ›


New Dialogue with a Mormon Apologist

  This is the first in a new series of posts I will be doing having discussion with a new online friend of mine Michael Flournoy. He is an LDS Apologist With a good understanding for Protestant theology. In this first post we both have an opening and closing section talking about the need to… Read More ›

Book of Mormon Origins – If Not Angels Then Who?

Anyone who has expressed doubts regarding the story of the Book of Mormon will probably have been met with the question, “Well if Joseph didn’t get it from the angel how do you explain the Book of Mormon?” Today the Book of Mormon does seem an unusual book that appears to have sprung from nowhere…. Read More ›


General Conference April 2014. Sunday Afternoon Session, by Jim Gourlay

  President Boyd K. Packer     Mr Packer began his message with his quest for what he calls ‘a personal testimony of the gospel’. He is after religious certainty. The question he raised was a good one: how do we know, of all the competing religious claims in this world, which is true? Is… Read More ›

General Conference April 2014 – Saturday Afternoon Session by Stephen Livings

I have chosen in this review to focus on the final talk of the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference. This talk was given by Quentin L. Cook. I will simply be responding to what I consider to be key parts of his talk with brief thoughts and reflections. 1. “Hastening family history and temple… Read More ›

Book of Mormon Origins – The Bible, by Mike Thomas

This is the first of a short series we are going through this year on where Joseph Smith may have found some inspiration from in his creation of the Book of Mormon. Many people say how could Smith have simply made it all up? We share the view that he did no such thing, there… Read More ›


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