Chorley Pageant Training Day Update.


Hi all we had a great day on the 19th looking at the upcoming Mormon  Pageant in Chorley and the great outreach opportunity that this will be. This ministry is unashamedly open in the fact that we intend on being there in July/August to have as many witnessing encounters with Mormons as possible. We will not be there with banners saying “Mormonism is a Cult” (though we cant account for whoever else might turn up) but rather we will seek to lovingly share Jesus in light of the unbiblical teachings of Mormonism.

Anyway you may have noticed the invite to the training day on the 19th of January. For those who didnt make it, particularly understandable with the weather on the day, we have the talks given below on video and audio (right click and save target as to download the audios), please enjoy and let me know on or comment below if you would like to be involved or you have any comments and questions on this.


The British Mormon Pageant evangelism training audio Part 1

British Mormon Pageant Training Audio Part 2

The British Mormon Pageant evangelism training audio Part 3

British Mormon Pageant Evangelism Training Audio part 4

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